Cash Lease Insurance Protection is a non-federally reinsured supplemental product that allows a producer to elect bands of coverage at higher coverage levels to protect against a loss of revenue. This provides both the landlord and tenant reassurance that cash lease obligations will be fulfilled in the event the policyholder experiences a revenue decline.

The Cash Lease Advantage

  • Layer of protection against a decline of price at harvest in relation to the elected “buy-price,” regardless of crop conditions.
  • Allocate dollar amount of insurance based on planting intentions.
  • Daily price offers provide flexibility when setting the policy guarantee.
  • Elect from a range of deductibles, ranging from a 95% coverage trigger down to an 80% floor guarantee.
  • Multiple opportunities to lock in a different price guarantee, up to the limit of the cash lease amount.
  • Name the dollar amount of coverage needed, not to exceed the lease agreement.
  • Indemnity triggered when the harvest price comes in below the coverage trigger, based on the elected buy-price multiplied by the upper coverage level.

Available Options

  1. Bottom Deductible: Lower limit of the band coverage used to calculate the Floor Price.
  2. Top Deductible: Upper limit of the band coverage used to calculate the Price Trigger. Available
    ranges of deductibles can be found in the Cash Lease quotation tool.
  3. Elected Coverage: The dollar amount per acre of coverage elected on application for a commodity. The sum of the elected coverage for all commodities insured shall not exceed the lease cost per acre.


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