The Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) is a federally reinsured insurance policy that provides coverage for a portion of your underlying crop insurance policy deductible. SCO is purchased as an endorsement to an individual (YP) or revenue (RP or RP-HPE) plan of insurance, or an APH policy for crops that do not have revenue protection available. Any crop on a farm that you elect to participate in the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) program is not eligible for SCO coverage. SCO pays a loss on an area basis, and an indemnity is triggered when there is a county level loss in yield or revenue.


Area Loss Trigger – Underlying Coverage Level = Supplemental Coverage

If there are multiple coverage levels, types or practices for insured crop in each county, the supplemental coverage will be determined separately for each coverage level, type and practice.

Premium Subsidy

65% (regardless of coverage level of the underlying policy)

The information contained in this publication is for general purposes only and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy. Please refer to policy information found in the actuarials for your commodity/plan type.