As of 2021, federal crop insurance coverage for Satsumas can be considered with a written agreement for ANY county in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. See right fact sheet for additional information.

Florida Citrus Actual Production History (APH) coverage is based upon the individualized historic yields, rather than the state’s average dollars per acre. During a hurricane, citrus fruit can fall off the tree, float away and disappear, making it extremely difficult to determine the percentage of the total crop that was damaged. Since coverage is based on historic average yield, damage is instead determined by calculating the difference between historic average yield and the amount of citrus remaining on the trees.


  • Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • Mandarins/Tangerines
  • Oranges
  • Tangelos/Tangors

For area availability and detailed plan information, view the applicable crop provisions. CAT coverage is available for APH for BU only.

Why Florida Citrus APH?

  • Coverage is based upon the individualized historic yields rather than the state’s average dollars per acre.
  • Growers may customize coverage to their needs.
  • Citrus APH offers more comprehensive coverage, such as citrus fruit during the bloom phase until fruit forms on the tree.
  • Growers can benefit from the bloom drop peril at the time of a possible freeze event.
  • A choice of enterprise units is available to spread the risk over an entire operation. This allows producers to lower their premium rate and as a result to also buy a higher percentage of coverage for their entire operation.
  • Simpler loss adjustment process, resulting in faster settlement of claims.
  • Coverage matches the footprint of the counties currently insured under the Dollar Plan crops.
  • Minimum Insurability is the 3rd leaf year for APH vs. Dollar Plan (5th leaf year)
  • Standard Density for APH is 175 trees or less per acre (vs. < 215 trees for Dollar Plan). High Density for APH is greater than 175 trees (vs. 215 trees or greater for Dollar Plan).


Subsidy rates vary by plan, crop and area. See right in the product fact sheet or check the Actuarials for specific subsidy information.


The information contained in this publication is for general purposes only and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy. Please refer to policy information found in the actuarials for your commodity/plan type.