eSignature allows an insured to sign key documentation through the myHudson Grower portal. Submitting an electronic signature eliminates the need to print and mail your documentation and expedites the application and/or reporting process.

Importing Precision Planting Records into eHarvest

Hudson licensed agents and their growers are able to import precision planting monitor records into our mapping system, making reporting and processing acres fast and easy. Simply import the planting data, generate your acreage report, sign electronically and you’re done!

Integrated Mapping

Our mapping system provides agents with the ability to generate Map-Based Acreage Reports, Map-Based Schedule/Production Reports, map books or wall maps for their clients. This system is fully integrated with eHarvest® which streamlines CLU reporting and other acreage reporting information.

Functionality also includes ACRSI data retrieval, syncing to and from the detail lines, adding PRF reference points and geocode scanning.

Livestock Quoting

The Hudson Crop LRP Quoter provides 24-hour access and up-to-the-minute quotes for the RMA Livestock Risk Protection Insurance Program for Fed Cattle, Feeder Cattle, Lamb and Swine. Our quoting software provides insureds a more efficient way to choose the best coverage to protect their investment should the national price drop before the animal goes to market. Additionally, our quoting system will provide an overview of the upside potential in the marketplace.  Quote now  >

myHudson Grower

This platform allows Hudson growers to view policy information online – any time of day – with a few clicks of the mouse. Similar to other bills they may receive from their seed dealer or credit card company, insureds are able to check the balances for all of their policies in one location. From the coverage screen, they are able to see policy information including plan of insurance, options, acres, premium and liability. This platform also provides growers with access to eSignature and Online Bill Pay.

Online Bill Pay

If a grower has registered for access to the myHudson Grower portal, Online Bill Pay is available as a premium payment method option. This method pays via ACH payment. No credit cards are allowed.

NOTE: We cannot take banking information over the phone. Growers must supply and verify banking and other personal information online with Hudson. Payment services are provided by Stripe, Inc.