Hudson Crop is a unit of Hudson Insurance Group, the U. S. Insurance Division of Odyssey Group Holdings, Inc. We provide a broad range of crop insurance products to farmers in all 50 states. Our goal is to provide a competitive advantage for our customers, offering the best service, training and support that our industry can offer. Our innovative technology, including our integrated mapping and quoting software, is designed to support the farmer’s risk management needs.

2018 marked Hudson Crop’s ten year anniversary as a business unit of Hudson Insurance Company, and our mission still aims to be the leading crop insurance provider for agents and agricultural producers.



To be the most trusted agricultural risk management partner.


To be the leading crop insurance provider for agents and agricultural producers by offering the most innovative portfolio of private products and technologies, by delivering outstanding customer service and support and by creating long-term profitability for ourselves and our risk management colleagues.

Core Strategies

Hudson Crop exists and operates to provide its business partners and associates with sustainable growth and profitability by operating with efficiency, creativity, and fiscal responsibility while providing our customers, the agent, with superior customer service, improved efficiencies and accuracy through the continuous development of technology, procedures and training.

Hudson Crop will achieve sustainable growth and profitability by:

  • Diversifying our portfolio so we can withstand regional losses while realizing an overall gain
  • Ensuring financial stability while creating profitability for ourselves and our agents
  • Evaluating our portfolio on a continuous basis with a bottom line focus
  • Reviewing and controlling operating expenses
  • Developing a properly rated hail and private product line designed to address risk gaps found in federally subsidized programs
  • Embracing agent-focused strategies as part of our unique culture
  • Actively developing, investing  and fostering growth in our employees to increase satisfaction and productivity
  • Continuing to support investments in technology and innovation
  • Focusing on integrity as a core business component – providing the ability to meet the increased demand for business accountability and ethical consumption
  • Providing education and training to agents and employees so they are better able to perform their jobs and fulfill their responsibilities to our customers and our company