BOOST-Max is a non-federally reinsured supplemental crop insurance policy that allows a producer to elect bands of coverage at higher coverage levels than those offered through the Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) program.

The BOOST-Max Advantage

  • Benefit from record high corn and soybean prices!
  • Protect the value of your crop now all the way to a 95% coverage level trigger point.
  • Set guarantee using the daily offered prices at high bands of coverage.
  • Flexible ranges of coverage allow for precise customization on insured bushels.
  • An indemnity, when triggered, may be paid as early as December (Price Only Option).
  • Multiple Purchases: If growers elect less than 100% of their liability on their initial purchase, they will be eligible for additional future BOOST-Max purchases for the remaining liability (with minimum of 20% liability).
  • All-in-one system: quote, bind and pre-fill the Application in one spot.

Available Options

  1. Buy-Price: BOOST-Max daily offer
  2. Lower Coverage Level: Lower limit of the band coverage
  3. Upper Coverage Level: Upper limit of the band coverage. Available ranges of coverage level bands can be found in the BOOST-Max estimator tool. Minimum band will be 2%.
  4. Max Coverage: A value selected from our premium estimator tool, which will limit the BOOST-Max coverage per acre.
  5. Adjustment Factor: A value less than or equal to 1.0. Selecting a value which is less than 1.0 means that your limit of insurance, premium and loss payment will be reduced by this value.


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