September 15, 2020

2021 Livestock Tools and Changes

We've built a brand new, conveniently located livestock calendar for agents and ranchers! This tool:

  • Can be found near the bottom of any Livestock product page on
  • Houses dates such as "No Sales" dates, "Reports Released" dates, "LGM Sales" dates and more.
  • Is color-coded for ease of navigating.
  • Provides the ability to share an event via social media and/or email as well as add it to your own calendar!

Check it out and let us know what you think by emailing Your feedback is valued and will help us provide additional useful information to you and your business!

DRP Product Page  |  LGM Product Page  |  LRP Product Page


The following 2021 changes to the LRP plans of insurance were announced on 9/14 [in PM-20-064]:

  • Increased premium subsidy rates
  • Increased head limits
  • Modified ownership requirement to 60 days
  • Added endorsement length options up to 52 weeks for swine
  • Modified the policy and created new feeder cattle and swine types to allow insurability before birth

To read the program changes in detail, view/download the below product fact sheets, which can also be accessed on the LRP Product Page.

LRP Fed Cattle  |  LRP Feeder Cattle  |  LRP Swine


If you have any questions, please contact our Livestock Specialist:

Justin White


T: (913) 378-2928

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