January 20, 2021

Peruse our value-packed [Crop Sense] magazine as you prepare for spring!

Click the cover image below to enjoy the latest [digital, interactive] issue of our biannual, exclusive publication, Crop Sense Magazine! Learn all about Hudson-specific products, tools and technologies and why 2020 proved to be a valuable experience in more ways than one.

Agents, sign up for your spring update training with a format that's never been done before at Hudson, learn how you can still service your customers with the utmost efficiency (even in a digital world), and take note of some tips for filling out and processing those key forms and docs that come with the quickly approaching, busy sales and keying seasons.

Both agents and growers will find interest in our full assessment of and decision tools for navigating the new Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) as combined with other MPCI coverages. PLUS learn about our exclusive products that can supplement what your MPCI doesn't cover!


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