August 25, 2020

Tell the USDA about Your Program Experience

On behalf of the USDA, we'd like to provide a friendly reminder and vote of encouragement to complete a survey that was distributed via mail (along with a postage-paid envelope) and/or email in early August. This 20-question survey that aims to provide a clear understanding of the current levels of service delivery was sent to 1.5 million producers who have received USDA payments generated by FSA, NRCS or RMA. Participation is voluntary; responses are confidential and due within six weeks of the date which they were sent (August 3rd), or until a 30% rate of return is achieved.

This survey will gather information about the quality level of service delivered to customers served by FSA, NRCS, and RMA. Once survey results are received and evaluated, an accurate baseline can be determined that will be considered as FPAC formulates future customer experience goals and program targets. These targets will help FPAC maintain and improve future levels of service based on analysis of the customer experience data collected. Insights gained through the survey results will inform customer facing programs working to deliver services at the State and local levels.

Click here to see a sample of what the survey looks like. Check your mailbox or email inbox today, and reach out to the USDA Customer Experience Division ( with any questions.

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