May 21, 2020

Self-Certification Replant Guidance

As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day, our Claims Team also anticipates the potential for increased claims. Memorial Day weekend traditionally produces several replant claims as many farmers find a window of opportunity to replant if/where necessary. The Hudson Crop Claims Supervisors and Adjusters stand ready to monitor reported claims 24/7 in order to ensure timely and accurate service is achieved.

It’s critical to remember that in order to qualify for a replant payment, consent to replant must first be provided by the approved insurance provider (AIP - Hudson Crop Claims Adjuster) which holds the policy. This applies to self-certification replant claims as well as traditional replant claims that require an appraisal prior to replanting.

For the 2020 Crop Year (per USDA Managers Bulletin: MGR-20-008), self-certification for replanting is a positive solution for maintaining social distancing and allowing farmers to get back into their fields to replant quicker than in a traditional replant certification scenario. This year, AIPs (Hudson Crop) have the authority to approve self-certification replants of up to 100 acres per unit or line item that makes up the enterprise or basic unit. An adjuster is permitted to work with the farmer over the phone to confirm qualification and grant the farmer permission to replant.

Remember, despite implementation of self-certification for Crop Year 2020, farmers must still obtain AIP permission before replanting.


Helpful Reminders

  • Only certain crops qualify for self-certification replant:
    • Qualified Crops: Buckwheat, canola, rapeseed, corn, dry beans, flax (spring-seeded only), grain sorghum, mustard, oats (spring-seeded only), popcorn (including popcorn revenue), peanuts, safflowers, soybeans, sugar beets, and sunflower seed.
    • Barley and wheat are not covered by the Winter Coverage Endorsement (both initially planted winter and spring crops).
  • When submitting the Notice of Loss, it will be helpful to the certification process to indicate that the claim may qualify for self-certification replant and that the acreage to be replanted is less than 100 acres per unit or line item that makes up the enterprise or basic unit.


If you have additional self-certification replant questions, please reach out to your Hudson Crop Claims or Sales representative or email

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