June 18, 2020

Your Acreage Reporting Solutions

Acreage Reporting (AR) season is here, and we have solutions in place to assist you and your growers timely and accurately report planted acres during this unprecedented time! As announced in Managers Bulletin: MGR-20-015, the Farm Service Agency (FSA) has added 30 days to all 5/15/2020 and succeeding reporting deadlines. This raised concern for how to best report acreage [when possibly] in lieu of an FSA 578, a source document often relied upon to certify and report planted acreage.

Hudson's Primary Reporting Methods:

eHarvest® Integrated Mapping System  |  Create a pre-filled Map-Based Acreage Report (MBAR) or map book using last year’s CIMS CLU shapes and provide to your insured(s) for easy FSA reporting. This method also aids expedited policy processing as well as potential claims and compliance functions, such as determination of acres and inspections.

Fast Edit AR Screen in eHarvest  |  Very efficient and more traditional Acreage Report form. Key and validate acres in the Fast Edit AR, then generate an AR, CLU-based AR or MBAR (only if the policy has been mapped in the Mapping System).

  • With Fast Edit AR, you are not only able to key acres, but also:
    • Split land for late planting,
    • Elect High Risk,
    • Add a new unit, and
    • Add the signature date
  • Import CIMS data as a simple and quick starting point to your AR process.

If you're a Hudson Crop agent and unsure which entry method is best for your operation/growers, head to the myHudson Training tab for a helpful "AR Entry Decision Tool" and/or quick training videos on both of the above methods!

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