Total Revenue Coverage™ 2.0 (TRC 2.0) is a supplemental crop insurance policy that provides a percentage guarantee based on your approved yield, the market price and the level of TRC 2.0 coverage that you choose. Coverage is available for irrigated farms, non-irrigated farms and farms that use both practices. When growers apply for coverage, they enter their yield, practice(s), coverage level(s) and payment limit. The percentage guarantee becomes final after acreage reporting.

TRC 2.0 Buy Up

TRC 2.0 Buy-Upallows a grower with an existing TRC 2.0 policy to increase their guarantee by replacing the existing Market Price with a higher Market Price and possibly a higher TRC Coverage Level. In order to take advantage of the Buy-Up, the current commodity price has to be higher than the Market Price when the policy was originally purchased.

When an insured makes the decision to Buy-Up, a new policy is issued with a new application. A portion of the value of the existing coverage is credited to the insured and the additional premium owed to the increased guarantee is added to the previously established premium.


95% – 70%


Crops: Corn (not insured as silage) and soybeans
Practice: Irrigated and non-irrigated

The information contained in this publication is for general purposes only and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy.