Price-Flex® is a supplemental crop insurance policy that provides the potential for a higher revenue protection guarantee than the base coverage established on the underlying Revenue Protection or Area Revenue Protection plans of insurance. Producers may add one or more alternative price discovery periods (intervals), of which the highest would be used to establish the revenue guarantee for loss purposes when applicable. A Price-Flex policy may have a loss if the selected interval’s price is higher than the Projected and Harvest Price.

Additional Price Coverage

The Additional Price Coverage® (APC) interval allows a producer to purchase an additional price amount which is added to the RMA Projected Price, establishing a higher coverage price.

*APC not available in all states.

Multi-Practice Option

Multi-Practice Option provides more flexibility by giving producers the ability to customize their coverage for irrigated and non-irrigated practices with distinct coverage levels.

When more than one practice exists on a policy, losses are paid on an enterprise unit by practice basis (within a county).


Revenue Protection: 85% – 50%
ARP: 90% – 70%

Price Movement Limits (in increments of 25 cents):
Corn – $1.00 / bu
Wheat – $1.50 / bu
Soybeans – $2.00 / bu
Cotton – $0.20 / lb

Liability Factors: 100% – 50%


Crops: Corn (not insured as silage), Cotton, Soybeans, Spring Wheat and Winter Wheat.
Practice: Irrigated and non-irrigated

The information contained in this publication is for general purposes only and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy.