MPowerD™ provides coverage to pay a loss payment when the harvest margin is less than the MPowerD trigger, adjusted for any Margin Protection (MP) indemnity that may be due. It allows the producer to elect one or more pricing intervals (full or half months), similar to VIP™, in combination with the current market price and margin projected price for their commodity.

This product provides flexible coverage by practice, allowing the ability to insure irrigated and non-irrigated crops using separate coverage, MPowerD trigger, harvest margin, and loss payment for each insurable practice.


95% – 70% in (5% increments)

Price Limits (in increments of 25 cents)
Corn – $1.00 / bu
Soybeans – $2.00 / bu

Liability Factors: 100% – 50%


Crops: Corn and Soybeans

Practice: Irrigated and non-irrigated

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