Excess Moisture is a non federally-reinsured policy that provides the opportunity for additional protection if a single day’s rainfall exceeds the combination of the historical average rainfall amount for a given interval and the qualifier selected by the rancher. It normalizes the final interval indices by removing the most excess rainfall event in a specific period of time.

Coverage and Options

  • The Excess Moisture Insured Acres can be equal to or less than the insured acres from the underlying Rainfall Index (RI) PRF policy for the selected Grid ID. The insured acres per interval will be the Excess Moisture insured acres times the percent of value for the given interval from the RI policy.
  • Producer must elect two or more of the grid/intervals covered on the underlying RI policy to be covered on the Excess Moisture policy.
  • Daily Threshold: Value between 0% and 50% (in 5% increments and identical for all grid/ intervals elected on Excess Moisture). This percentage multiplied by the historical average rainfall for a given interval establishes the daily rainfall threshold qualifier amount (in inches).
  • Maximum Payment Factor: Elected value from 20% to 50% (in 5% increments) that sets the highest payment factor possible for EM’s liability (identical for all Excess Moisture grid/intervals).


  • Producer must have an underlying RI PRF policy.
  • If the RI policy is not with Hudson, a copy of the underlying RI Application must accompany the Excess Moisture Application (required on a yearly basis) for coverage.


  • All elections made on the underlying PRF policy (productivity factor, coverage level, intended use, type, etc.) are also used for Excess Moisture.

The information contained in this publication is for general purposes only and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy. Please refer to policy information found in the actuarials for your commodity/plan type