BOOST is a supplemental crop insurance policy that allows a producer to elect either revenue or yield protection bands of coverage at higher coverage levels than those offered through the Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) program.


  • Must have an active RP, RP-HPE or YP policy with either Optional Units (OU) or Enterprise Units (EU).
  • The unit structure for the BOOST policy will follow the underlying MPCI unit structure for the crop (OU, EU or EU by practice).
  • If you fail to purchase MPCI coverage, all BOOST premium is still owed.
  • If the underlying MPCI policy is not with Hudson, all applicable form must be submitted to Hudson as required by the policy.

Available Options

  • Lower Coverage Level: Lower limit of the band coverage and must be the same as the RP or YP elected coverage level.
  • Upper Coverage Level: Upper limit of the band coverage. Available ranges of coverage level bands can be found in the BOOST estimator tool.
  • Max Coverage: A value selected from our premium estimator tool, which will limit the BOOST coverage per acre.
  • Adjustment Factor: A value less than or equal to 1.0. Selecting a value which is less than 1.0 means that your limit of insurance, premium and loss payment will be reduced by this value.


The information contained in this publication is for general purposes only and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy.